Against All Odds, Here's Their Debut Album


Alan Richardson is a comedian and musician based in Boston Massachusetts. His stand-up focuses on outdated pop media, confused life experiences, and flat out lies. He has created several characters with partner and tourmate Matt Minigell: crowd-favorite “A Very Sad Man,” spiritual guides “Hope & Dipper,” and cowboy storytellers “Tex Mansas & The Bloodhound.” 

Alan was voted New Hampshires “Best Bar Comic” in both 2014 and 2015, and has been a 3 time Finalist in Empire Comedy Clubs “Couch Comedy” competitions. He was a former co-host of Boston underground comedy series “The Know Show,” and helped create the 24 hour comedy festival ‘Jedfest.” As a musician, Alan gained notoriety as the live drummer in Carissa Johnson’s Electric Party Convention. He was a founding member of, and can at least be partially blamed for, the band noisebreaker. 

In 2017 Alan self-released his debut album An Unknown Man in Unknown Places,    featuring a variety of clips from secret house shows and speakeasy bars. His 2019 followup, The Gas Money EP,    was recorded live at Empire Comedy Club in Portland ME.

Dead and Mellow are proud to offer you the very best of both albums, packed together on one spiffy disc! Make sure you pick up a copy of Salad Days, available everywhere!

Check out Alan's podcast,    Give Me Attention or Give Me Death!