Dead and Mellow is a Boston-based, independent record label founded by touring artists/champions Alan Richardson and Matt Minigell. We regularly release splits and compilations featuring killer comedians,   bands, and artists, as well as full albums and other feature-length works.   

We've searched around the country and partnered up with some of the coolest freaks  of nature  we could find in order to bring  you exclusive content too weird and too wild for the population at large. D&M  exists so that artists can just be artists, and so that you can listen to cooler records.   
 RIP it up. We'll be mellow when we're dead.  

* Special thanks, as always, to Ronnie Razzle.

Alan Richardson

Alan Richardson is a Boston-based comedian, actor, and improvisor. His live show, which mixes absurdist humor and confused social observations, has taken Alan across the country (has used the bathroom in over 20 states!). He hosts 'Give Me Attention or Give Me Death' podcast network, streaming everywhere, and is a little dirty boy who needs a lesson or two. 

Matt Minigell 

Matt Minigell is a producer, touring artist, and busker. He has worked alongside artists such as Left Hand Blue, Carissa Johnson, Mary Lou Lord, Noisebreaker, and Exit Academy. Matt currently plays guitar in the band Nervous, owns/operates a Massachusetts recording studio called Woeful House, and is an ordained minister.