Jai Demeule

Jai Demeule is an Earth-based comedian who performs mainly in the Northern Hemisphere, specifically along the East Coast. They have gained attention in comedy circles, for their odd one-liners and their ability to effortlessly switch from absurd, to philosophical, to down right insane views on reality and society. On stage Jai transforms from an awkward person to an awkward person with a microphone. 
 Jai has performed in festivals and learned that, though it looks impressive in a bio, listing credits doesn't prove how funny a comedian is. Instead they implore you to watch their sets or come out to a show and make the call on how funny they are for yourself.  

Along with Will Pottorff, Jai co-hosts The Studio of Madness. A beloved weekly comedy open mic at 9 Wallis in Beverly, Mass, that embraces the belief that love and insanity are the keys to comedic growth. Every week boasts unpredictable hosts that look like Will and Jai, but totally aren't.